When it’s time to refocus.

Sometimes when you’re a stay at home parent, you can feel so busy. I have been feeling a little overwhelmed with trying to get everything done of late and certainly my interactions with Miss Mimi aren’t as pure as they should be because of the rushing and the busyness. The TV is on way longer … Continue reading

When you love to colour.

Remember in the ‘Sex and the City’ movie, the girls were sitting around at breakfast and had to replace the word ‘sex’ with ‘colour’ because Charlotte’s 3 year old was sitting at the table with them? She is quietly colouring (as all good child stars should) and the girl’s are having the most inappropriate chatter. … Continue reading


There are so many corny lines about friendship. I have heard friendship described as a plant of slow growth, that must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation. How when divided with friends, adversity is halved. How you can tell the nature of a person just by looking … Continue reading

Oh happy day.

Today was one of those days where life was cruisy, things went right and everyone was happy. Maybe it the sudden burst of sunshine Melbourne was bathed in today that had us in a skipping mood, maybe it was because Mummy and Miss Mimi slept rather well last night. Whatever the reason, I am grateful … Continue reading

A New Phase

So Miss Mimi started 4 Year old Kinder last week. We thought we should do a repeat of 3 Year old this year though as she struggled so much last year, but turns out that her class mates of last year’s class finally rubbed some of their confident social skills off on her by late … Continue reading

How reading aloud saved my day.

I’ve spoken about this before. How falling down flat on my face with a Crohn’s flare makes parenting a difficult task. The biggest annoyance is my life stopping still, with me bedridden. The next annoyance is me on medication that makes me not only forgetful and clumsy, but has given rise to some anger issues … Continue reading

Craft for Gran!

To say that Miss Mimi has developed an obsession with a certain DK book, about how to plan your own party, might just be a bit of an understatement. Mim has excitedly been waiting for the 18th of January, for Gran’s birthday. Even counting down the sleeps! This particular book has been a hot favourite … Continue reading

Miss Mimi and The Floods

Miss Mimi and I spent two nights at my parents house this week in Creswick. The news on tele was all about the Queensland flood, we were all wishing that we could help, feeling grateful that it wasn’t here – then the rain got heavier outside. I was working when my Mum called me to … Continue reading

School Holidays on a Budget.

Maybe you’re on a year long budget because you are saving for something wonderful. Perhaps you have no choice but to budget right now because you have 4 children sucking the funds from your account and you’re already broke these school holidays. You’re dreaming of the kids going back to school for your quiet time, … Continue reading

Paint, Mimi, Paint!

It’s that time of year when we run around in circles, half completing this, never completing that. We have big dreams and lots of ideas but when it comes to getting it done with kids around? Well, you have to stay focused to make it happen…and a little bit of quiet time doesn’t hurt either. … Continue reading