A New Phase

So Miss Mimi started 4 Year old Kinder last week. We thought we should do a repeat of 3 Year old this year though as she struggled so much last year, but turns out that her class mates of last year’s class finally rubbed some of their confident social skills off on her by late last year. So after a small stint in 3 year old, I decided that 4 year old would be more beneficial for her and up she went. I have one extremely happy girl on my hands now, who enjoys kinder almost as much as her gelato.

It’s not only losing my little buddy to kinder and her best friends for 12 hours a week that makes me realise how quick she is growing up, but also the way her drawing and play is progressing these days. Add to that the fact that she graduated to a big girl bed (which she has only fallen out of three times so far), has a best friend and turned 4! It’s been a busy year.

Miss Mimi has also started to put her drawings into the right parts of the page. Sky at the top, grass at the bottom and sometimes some lightning shooting from the big black clouds. After few obsessive days of flat out drawing, she asked for something different to do. Out came our Wizard of Oz felt set, Miss Mimi thought that doing it on the rug would be a great idea so that she could use a much bigger space to narrate her story. I loved listening to her about what Dorothy and the Lion were up to as I pottered about home this afternoon.

My little girl is growing up and I’m excited to see her forming friendships and becoming more independent. What a fun age!


One thought on “A New Phase

  1. Ohhh it’s hard to let go sometimes isn’t it?? Enjoy every moment Jade, because one day you’ll be on your blog telling us all about Miss Mimi starting school, having her first kiss, holding hands with a boy, graduating Primary School……. and all the other fun stuff that comes in between! Miss Mimi sounds like a beautiful little/big princess and you sound like a very proud mummy – there will come a time when you become a mum and not a mummy so enjoy it while it lasts!!

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