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Honey Joy(ous) fun

This week I gave Miss Mimi some very easy (barely messy) cooking chores in my attempt to keep the ball rolling with her helping me out in the kitchen. Her tiny little hands went about pouring, measuring and mixing. Check out what we made. Honey Joys! I haven’t had these in the longest time and … Continue reading

Nuts Be Gone

The above picture of peanuts scares me. As do pictures of cashews and pistachios. Seeing the real thing? Forget it, I break into a sweat and put them on the highest shelf possible. They give me butterflies in the stomach and send me back to the day that my daughter reacted to peanut butter and … Continue reading

Easter with allergies.

Aah, Easter. The resurrection of the man himself. A giant fuzzy Easter Bunny who hides chocolate goodies. The making of easter crafts, baskets and egg painting. And a mothers pure panic that her daughter may eat chocolate with cows milk or nuts lurking deliciously inside. My daughter is allergic to cashew nut and cows milk … Continue reading