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Dinosaur Footprints

Around here, we love dinosaurs. Yesterday we thought we might make some dinosaur footprints, an idea we found in a┬áPocket Painter book exclusive to our Learning Ladder catalogue and one of Miss Mimi’s most treasured possessions. First I, (no laughing please) drew what I thought resembled acceptable looking dino footprints. Then Miss Mimi finger painted … Continue reading

You know you’re a Parent when..

You specifically purchase a new rug because; 1) the last one was ruined when your child dumped bodily fluids all over it. 2) you’re favourite playing place is now too cold on the floor boards without one. 3) the rug you buy has awesome sections of colours on it that you think would make a … Continue reading

Playdough Fossils

Playdough is still the bee’s knees in our house this week and when Miss Mimi asked me to pull it out of the fridge again this afternoon I automatically set her up with the playdough cooking utensils. I was quickly told that those simply would not be appropriate for what she had in mind, so … Continue reading