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There are so many corny lines about friendship. I have heard friendship described as a plant of slow growth, that must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation. How when divided with friends, adversity is halved. How you can tell the nature of a person just by looking … Continue reading

A New Phase

So Miss Mimi started 4 Year old Kinder last week. We thought we should do a repeat of 3 Year old this year though as she struggled so much last year, but turns out that her class mates of last year’s class finally rubbed some of their confident social skills off on her by late … Continue reading

A Christmas Gift to You, from You!

Oohh, what is in my wrapped gift above? What could be inside? Imagine this…. Imagine you were able to simply just not worry about how you will be paying for your children’s Christmas gifts this year. Imagine being able to pay for a holiday for your family in the new year, choosing the destination, surprising … Continue reading

What would you have said?

My dear friend¬†Precocious Lotus has started a new blog all about the pregnancy journey, she has two blogs and the pregnancy journey can be found at Answers are Within. I recommend you take a peek at both, they are refreshing and real. If you have lost your connection with your intuition and need to find … Continue reading

Mums Club

Before I gave birth to my daughter a close girlfriend said to me “You just wait Jade, have a look at how women with children treat you once you are one of them. You become part of the club, the mums club, and you will always be welcome” Politely ¬†I would nod and smile but … Continue reading