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Learning to write the alphabet; Miss Mimi’s way.

Sometimes, I need 5 minutes to think. Quiet thinking time, that doesn’t involve the constant background chatter or the repetitive Mum, Mum, Mum, Mums that fill my home, it would be nice. Occasionally I need those precious few minutes to regroup, because when I can’t think straight while cooking dinner, my wine glass seems to … Continue reading

Marshmallow Problem Solving

I love our new Mini Scientist books (by Lisa Burke) that are new to The Learning Ladder catalogue. I like doing experiments at home and showing Miss Mimi a little bit of science here and there. So when I saw a giant bag of marshmallows on sale yesterday, I grabbed them and a pack of … Continue reading

This is how it’s done.

A Learning Ladder Get Together. Maybe you personally like to host Learning Ladder get togethers because you can’t get enough books and games for your children’s library at next to nothing. Maybe, you have been to one or two and like to buy for the kids there, preferring to shop at a friends home rather … Continue reading

Coins in Play.

The other day Miss Mimi asked me if I could get more of her bracelets out and if she could have all of mine too. She then set about putting them on display and asked me if I wanted to buy anything. I smiled and asked how much did she sell her wares for? Four … Continue reading


Over the last few days I have become discouraged. Sad that there are children out there who aren’t regularly read to. Shocked when teachers tell me that there are children starting school who don’t know which way up a book should go. Disappointed that there isn’t more help for parents who are illiterate. Frustrated that … Continue reading

Join in July and become a Gary Mehigan.

If, in between tantrums and toilet training, you are trying to learn every trick of the trade on Masterchef’s ‘Master Class’ just so that you can look like you have some sort of chef-like talent in your kitchen, well you’re in luck! When you join my Learning Ladder team in July and you come and … Continue reading

Colour her happy!

I like mixing colours. I like the fact that I can make whatever colour I dare. Maybe I fell in love with playing around with colour in hairdressing school. Maybe I had some leftover love of it from when I was a kid and we were encouraged to experiment with mixing. It probably doesn’t matter … Continue reading