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How reading aloud saved my day.

I’ve spoken about this before. How falling down flat on my face with a Crohn’s flare makes parenting a difficult task. The biggest annoyance is my life stopping still, with me bedridden. The next annoyance is me on medication that makes me not only forgetful and clumsy, but has given rise to some anger issues … Continue reading

Crohn’s Disease and Motherhood.

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease 11 years ago. It’s an inflammatory bowel disease that causes ulceration within the GI tract and a whole heap of other symptoms that are embarrassing and not anywhere near sexy. It certainly isn’t something that defines me and I don’t suffer terribly from it all the time. It’s a … Continue reading

Playing Playdough Eggs

After four weeks of successfully avoiding every cold, flu and vomit that Miss Mimi had contracted, my little germ factory has finally passed on her sore throat and an impressive cough to match. I have been forced to slow down somewhat and as it is raining today we are rather grateful to be inside. As … Continue reading

You’re sick but your child isn’t…

As I sit here nursing a vicious cold that has surely picked on me because of my last post, I am wondering…have I jinxed myself? I can’t help but feel I may have attracted it somehow. Determined to beat it naturally, I said yesterday, into thin air..”Well, Mr Common Cold, give it your best shot … Continue reading