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Homemade Pizza Fun!

One day this week a group of cousins came together with their children to enjoy each other’s company and do lunch. It’s an event that only happens every few months because of the distance we all need to travel. What a noisy but utterly lovely afternoon. The kids played, the adults sipped wine. And what … Continue reading

Honey Joy(ous) fun

This week I gave Miss Mimi some very easy (barely messy) cooking chores in my attempt to keep the ball rolling with her helping me out in the kitchen. Her tiny little hands went about pouring, measuring and mixing. Check out what we made. Honey Joys! I haven’t had these in the longest time and … Continue reading

We Play ‘Chef’

A few weeks back Miss Mimi announced that she would like to be a chef. Though I will never forget that conversation because it was the first one we had ever had about occupations, I have to admit that this new interest, no matter how short lived it will or wont be, gave me anxiety. … Continue reading