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When you love to colour.

Remember in the ‘Sex and the City’ movie, the girls were sitting around at breakfast and had to replace the word ‘sex’ with ‘colour’ because Charlotte’s 3 year old was sitting at the table with them? She is quietly colouring (as all good child stars should) and the girl’s are having the most inappropriate chatter. … Continue reading

Miss Mimi and The Floods

Miss Mimi and I spent two nights at my parents house this week in Creswick. The news on tele was all about the Queensland flood, we were all wishing that we could help, feeling grateful that it wasn’t here – then the rain got heavier outside. I was working when my Mum called me to … Continue reading

Dinosaur Footprints

Around here, we love dinosaurs. Yesterday we thought we might make some dinosaur footprints, an idea we found in a┬áPocket Painter book exclusive to our Learning Ladder catalogue and one of Miss Mimi’s most treasured possessions. First I, (no laughing please) drew what I thought resembled acceptable looking dino footprints. Then Miss Mimi finger painted … Continue reading

On a sunny day, we play.

On a beautiful sunny Melbourne day, with a warm driveway just waiting to be painted on with water, Miss Mimi and I set about discovering what patterns we could make with drops of water. All we needed were some tools. And our imaginations… A cool lesson in evaporation! Some footprints. Some spillage. Some splatters… And … Continue reading

Dear Mimi…

This blog is for you. For you to have a record of things you got up to in your younger years. I thought I would write you a letter of all your milestones and things you love, because I don’t want to forget and I know you will ask me one day…. Dearest Miss Mimi, … Continue reading

The Simple Things in Life!

I am constantly inspired by Miss Mimi. The way that everything is fascinating to her, even if she has seen it before – makes me slow down. She looks at things with those wide brown eyes and smiles to form those perfect dimples and she savours every single second of life. A classic case of … Continue reading

Learning to spell your name, the fun way!

Sometimes, people assume that because I have all these wonderful educational books and games on my shelves that I spend a lot of time with Miss Mimi ‘teaching’ her early numeracy and literacy skills. I don’t. I don’t drill her, I don’t use flash cards – simply because Mimi doesn’t learn that way. All kids … Continue reading

Soothing Water Play

I don’t know a great deal about the Signs of the Zodiac but I know enough for this scenario to make me giggle. My Little Miss Aquarius – The Water Bearer… Water activities are our favourite. So soothing and calming. I’m a Pisces Girl…I do anything water related to calm my nerves. A shower, looking … Continue reading