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A Christmas Gift to You, from You!

Oohh, what is in my wrapped gift above? What could be inside? Imagine this…. Imagine you were able to simply just not worry about how you will be paying for your children’s Christmas gifts this year. Imagine being able to pay for a holiday for your family in the new year, choosing the destination, surprising … Continue reading

A Bird’s Nest.

Mister Maker really is so cool. Another little project Miss Mimi and I have been working on is a homemade bird’s nest…or perhaps it’s a bit of a trinket bowl? Whatever it is, it’s cute and it’s easy to do. Mix some glue and paint together in separate bowls. Create different colours together by mixing … Continue reading

Homemade Pizza Fun!

One day this week a group of cousins came together with their children to enjoy each other’s company and do lunch. It’s an event that only happens every few months because of the distance we all need to travel. What a noisy but utterly lovely afternoon. The kids played, the adults sipped wine. And what … Continue reading

Need some Hired Help?

I clean when I have to. I don’t particularly care if my house is messy (which makes my husband crazy and twitchy). All I care about is that it’s free from filth and that I don’t neck myself by falling over something. I do love my steam mop however and when I use a few … Continue reading

Like bubbles?

I have been a stay at home mum for over three and a half years now. Sometimes it can feel like pure, laid back, easy bliss. Other times, it’s a constant battle of wills and a never ending search for fun stuff to do. Though the challenges I face with Miss Mimi are frustrating sometimes, … Continue reading

Go on, just do it!

On the first day of Spring, it is of course, a cold and wet Melbourne day. So we thought, why not bring the fun of the outdoors, indoors? Miss Mimi and I have been zipping around the house on her scooter and I must say, the faster you go, the better the fun! Yes, I … Continue reading

Pop that corn!

I had forgotten how great popping corn is. When Miss Mimi begged me for popcorn last week, I told her that she could only have it if she helped me to make it. Didn’t exactly have to twist her arm but the lesson was to pitch in. We like popcorn around here because it’s free … Continue reading

Prelude to the teen years.

I think that it might be worth reminding myself this for when Miss Mimi turns into one of those crazy hormonal teens with a penchant for weird fashion and loud music and then teams it all up with a killer attitude: “Telling your daughter not to do something, never got you the results you were after … Continue reading

Coins in Play.

The other day Miss Mimi asked me if I could get more of her bracelets out and if she could have all of mine too. She then set about putting them on display and asked me if I wanted to buy anything. I smiled and asked how much did she sell her wares for? Four … Continue reading