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A New Phase

So Miss Mimi started 4 Year old Kinder last week. We thought we should do a repeat of 3 Year old this year though as she struggled so much last year, but turns out that her class mates of last year’s class finally rubbed some of their confident social skills off on her by late … Continue reading

Dinosaur Footprints

Around here, we love dinosaurs. Yesterday we thought we might make some dinosaur footprints, an idea we found in a¬†Pocket Painter book exclusive to our Learning Ladder catalogue and one of Miss Mimi’s most treasured possessions. First I, (no laughing please) drew what I thought resembled acceptable looking dino footprints. Then Miss Mimi finger painted … Continue reading

A Glittery Wand!

I love it when Miss Mimi comes up with a craft or play idea by herself. I might say that it excites me that she is fast becoming an independent learner, but really I just love it when there’s one less thing I need to think about during the day! We bought some plain cardboard … Continue reading

Peppermint Essential Oil in our Play-dough.

This week, after almost gagging on that awful smell of home made play-dough (is it just me?) I added some peppermint essential oil to it. Just 3 drops. Divine! We have been playing with this batch everyday this week and loving the smell. So much so that Miss Mimi’s play has revolved around cooking themes … Continue reading

Prelude to the teen years.

I think that it might be worth reminding myself this for when Miss Mimi turns into one of those crazy hormonal teens with a penchant for weird fashion and loud music and then teams it all up with a killer attitude: “Telling your daughter¬†not to do something, never got you the results you were after … Continue reading

Coins in Play.

The other day Miss Mimi asked me if I could get more of her bracelets out and if she could have all of mine too. She then set about putting them on display and asked me if I wanted to buy anything. I smiled and asked how much did she sell her wares for? Four … Continue reading

Water Play

When you have an army of friends that are constantly being shoved in and out of baskets, dragged along into different rooms and that are involved in your role playing all day long, it’s only fitting that they be allowed to chill out and be pampered once in a while too. This afternoon I set … Continue reading

One of those days

I don’t like to admit this, but on some days, parenting can be so hard that there are a dozen or so other things that I wish I could be doing to lose my sanity. I could just join the circus and my fear of clowns would do me in…it would certainly be a whole … Continue reading

You know you’re a Parent when..

You specifically purchase a new rug because; 1) the last one was ruined when your child dumped bodily fluids all over it. 2) you’re favourite playing place is now too cold on the floor boards without one. 3) the rug you buy has awesome sections of colours on it that you think would make a … Continue reading