There are so many corny lines about friendship. I have heard friendship described as a plant of slow growth, that must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation. How when divided with friends, adversity is halved. How you can tell the nature of a person just by looking at his/her friends. I don’t know about all that, but what I do know is that only good giggles come from really good friends. I think friendship is when you are genuinely rapt when your buddy succeeds, you celebrate with them when they find true love, you giggle out loud when they slip-over while crossing the road blind drunk. (You actually love them even more because it wasn’t you that fell.)  To me, true friendship is about laughter. Side splitting laughter that makes you appreciate how ridiculous life can be. True friends will tell you to your face that you’re ridiculous and then they’ll hug you while laughing at you. But you won’t ever be offended because it’s just how it is. It’s comfortable and it’s easy and it’s funny. True friends take your secrets to the grave and they take your side just because it’s ingrained. Those friends are the ones that if you happen to not see or speak to for months on end, you just picked up where you left off when you do see them again, nothing’s awkward. Nothing’s taboo. You talk so much your throat hurts and you go off on tangents that take your conversations in crazy directions. You laugh and you smile and you never want it to end. 

I have been watching my daughter start to make her first friendships over the last year. Granted they are the early stages in the friendship stakes. You like playdough? Ace, you can be my buddy. You don’t like pink playdough? Hmmm, I’ll need to rethink this.

One particular friend, Lil M, has laughed her way into Miss Mimi’s heart. An added bonus here is that both of the Mummy’s laugh together too and we have developed a truly wonderful friendship. Score! I watch Miss Mimi and Lil M as they worry over kinder, talk about pretend things, establish ground rules for games and whisper secrets, but what I always smile at is how much they laugh and giggle. Belly laughs…it’s an awesome sound. Miss Mimi seems to know that true friendship, though laced with fights about who will be the mummy cat in their pretend play, is all about the giggles. And if I could teach her just one thing – it would be how invaluable these friendships will become over time. How every girl should hang onto those friendships and nurture them and keep them strong because they will become one of the most sacred treasures of her life.


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