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A Jingle Bell Box.

This week I worked like a woman possessed. Mums, Aunties and Grans are going nuts for books and games for the little people in their lives as it’s fast approaching Christmas. Kill two birds with one stone I say, and buy games that will not only build on your child’s automatic memory recall skills but … Continue reading

A ‘Show Party’

When Miss Mimi performs, whether it be strumming on her tiny guitar, singing, doing some tumbling or having a red hot go at her ultimate favourite; dancing, she always calls it a ‘Show Party’ On cold winter evenings, it’s all a girl can do to stop herself from dancing around the lounge room. I know. … Continue reading

What can music teach your child?

There is much to be said on how children who are exposed to all kinds of music are being helped to develop their listening and language skills. It is said that toddlers all over the world who are shakin’ it up on the home dance floor are blissfully unaware that they are developing their coordination … Continue reading