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What a kid wants.

Our kids don’t seem to care if we holiday in Noosa or the local back beach or if we drive an Audi or a beaten up old bomb. I’m pretty sure that our young kids don’t even care what we cook them for dinner as long as it has soy sauce on it (in my case). … Continue reading

Marshmallow Problem Solving

I love our new Mini Scientist books (by Lisa Burke) that are new to The Learning Ladder catalogue. I like doing experiments at home and showing Miss Mimi a little bit of science here and there. So when I saw a giant bag of marshmallows on sale yesterday, I grabbed them and a pack of … Continue reading

Prelude to the teen years.

I think that it might be worth reminding myself this for when Miss Mimi turns into one of those crazy hormonal teens with a penchant for weird fashion and loud music and then teams it all up with a killer attitude: “Telling your daughter not to do something, never got you the results you were after … Continue reading

One of those days

I don’t like to admit this, but on some days, parenting can be so hard that there are a dozen or so other things that I wish I could be doing to lose my sanity. I could just join the circus and my fear of clowns would do me in…it would certainly be a whole … Continue reading

You know you’re a Parent when..

You specifically purchase a new rug because; 1) the last one was ruined when your child dumped bodily fluids all over it. 2) you’re favourite playing place is now too cold on the floor boards without one. 3) the rug you buy has awesome sections of colours on it that you think would make a … Continue reading