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This is how it’s done.

A Learning Ladder Get Together. Maybe you personally like to host Learning Ladder get togethers because you can’t get enough books and games for your children’s library at next to nothing. Maybe, you have been to one or two and like to buy for the kids there, preferring to shop at a friends home rather … Continue reading

Coins in Play.

The other day Miss Mimi asked me if I could get more of her bracelets out and if she could have all of mine too. She then set about putting them on display and asked me if I wanted to buy anything. I smiled and asked how much did she sell her wares for? Four … Continue reading

One of those days

I don’t like to admit this, but on some days, parenting can be so hard that there are a dozen or so other things that I wish I could be doing to lose my sanity. I could just join the circus and my fear of clowns would do me in…it would certainly be a whole … Continue reading


Something that Miss Mimi really enjoys playing with are her blocks. She likes to make a city out of them, which as you can see below has some seriously wobbly architecture. There are castles and towers in her city and cars driving through the streets. Most often her play involves dinosaurs. Sometimes small toy dinosaurs, … Continue reading

You’re sick but your child isn’t…

As I sit here nursing a vicious cold that has surely picked on me because of my last post, I am wondering…have I jinxed myself? I can’t help but feel I may have attracted it somehow. Determined to beat it naturally, I said yesterday, into thin air..”Well, Mr Common Cold, give it your best shot … Continue reading