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A Christmas Gift to You, from You!

Oohh, what is in my wrapped gift above? What could be inside? Imagine this…. Imagine you were able to simply just not worry about how you will be paying for your children’s Christmas gifts this year. Imagine being able to pay for a holiday for your family in the new year, choosing the destination, surprising … Continue reading

Join in July and become a Gary Mehigan.

If, in between tantrums and toilet training, you are trying to learn every trick of the trade on Masterchef’s ‘Master Class’ just so that you can look like you have some sort of chef-like talent in your kitchen, well you’re in luck! When you join my Learning Ladder team in July and you come and … Continue reading

Tired Much?

I am so exhausted. Between the busiest week ever with my business, trying to qualify as Sales Leader and Jaime having bronchitis meaning there has been no sleep in the last week and a half, I am spent. I am forced to soldier on with my eyes half closed and my brain barely able to … Continue reading

Let’s Party in May and June

We all know that children learn through play. And we all know that reading aloud to our children from birth has so many proven benefits that, as parents, we clamber to find beautiful new stories to read to our little ones every chance we get. There is nothing new to be found in what I … Continue reading

Trying to balance it all.

I can’t believe how quick time goes by since becoming a mother. Only three and a bit short years ago my life changed exponentially when my daughter slid into my world rather tiny and six weeks early. Only three months ago my daughter started three year old kindergarten (much to her dislike) and only eight … Continue reading