about me

My name is Jade and I am Mum to Miss Mimi, who is 4 and a half. We love living in Melbourne and spending our days together playing and exploring and doing a whole heap of…stuff.

I am so lucky that I work from home because I get to raise my daughter full time. I am an independent Learning Ladder advisor and I am very passionate about reading aloud to our children from birth. I believe that learning should be simple and fun and include heaps of giggles and silliness along the way. I will be recording any parenting mishaps that could will take place, feel free to nod and smile knowingly.

Parenting is the most awesome job in the world and for those of you who invest in your children with a play, learn, love concept..then this blog is for you.


3 thoughts on “about me

  1. I love reading to my children. I have two girls and each get a bedtime story every night plus you will probably catch us curled up at some point during the day with a book.
    We have created a little reading corner in our lounge room so the kids have somewhere nice and comfy to sit and ready either alone or with me.

  2. I adore the fact that you also have a reading corner, a special spot for our kids to read. It’s so important to have their own private place to sit and escape into a book I think. Thank you for leaving your thoughts.

  3. Hi Jade,

    Came across your site by chance. Love it. I am also a strong believer in cultivating good reading habits in children. Keep up the great job!


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