Miss Mimi and The Floods

Miss Mimi and I spent two nights at my parents house this week in Creswick. The news on tele was all about the Queensland flood, we were all wishing that we could help, feeling grateful that it wasn’t here – then the rain got heavier outside. I was working when my Mum called me to say that the Creswick Creek had broken it’s banks again (the last flood Creswick had was only a short few months ago) and that I had best not dilly-dally and get out of town! She was with Miss Mimi, my sister and nephew looking down the road at the rising waters and I wondered if Mimi was frightened. She had been asking questions about the flood, had in fact, been asking to watch the news about the flood. I tried to answer her questions reassuringly and emphasise that the flood we were watching on TV wasn’t anywhere near us, but that had changed just slightly, of course nowhere near as dire as QLD.

I imagine that watching water rushing through the creek and spilling out onto the road, forming giant puddles that are too big to splash in, must surely be a scary sight for any child. Then for them to link that vision with what they have seen on the news, would it be a recipe for nightmares?

We left yesterday afternoon thankfully, as now all roads in and out of Creswick are flooded and we would have been stuck for a few days. Sand bags were brought in early this time, so I hope the town of Creswick didn’t wake up to too much damage to their homes like last time.

I wasn’t sure where to go from there, to be sure that Miss Mimi didn’t fear too much, wasn’t sure what to say or do. Luckily, as always, my dear friend Cath wrote what I needed to hear right now. I share this because you might need it too.

Check out her educated post on Precocious Lotus, here.


2 thoughts on “Miss Mimi and The Floods

  1. I thought she might have forgotten the whole thing but she asked her Gran if the park still had water all over it this morning. 🙂

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