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Oh happy day.

Today was one of those days where life was cruisy, things went right and everyone was happy. Maybe it the sudden burst of sunshine Melbourne was bathed in today that had us in a skipping mood, maybe it was because Mummy and Miss Mimi slept rather well last night. Whatever the reason, I am grateful … Continue reading

What a kid wants.

Our┬ákids don’t seem to care if we holiday in Noosa or the local back beach or if we drive an Audi or a beaten up old bomb. I’m pretty sure that our young kids don’t even care what we cook them for dinner as long as it has soy sauce on it (in my case). … Continue reading

Go on, just do it!

On the first day of Spring, it is of course, a cold and wet Melbourne day. So we thought, why not bring the fun of the outdoors, indoors? Miss Mimi and I have been zipping around the house on her scooter and I must say, the faster you go, the better the fun! Yes, I … Continue reading

Marshmallow Problem Solving

I love our new Mini Scientist books (by Lisa Burke) that are new to The Learning Ladder catalogue. I like doing experiments at home and showing Miss Mimi a little bit of science here and there. So when I saw a giant bag of marshmallows on sale yesterday, I grabbed them and a pack of … Continue reading

Colour her happy!

I like mixing colours. I like the fact that I can make whatever colour I dare. Maybe I fell in love with playing around with colour in hairdressing school. Maybe I had some leftover love of it from when I was a kid and we were encouraged to experiment with mixing. It probably doesn’t matter … Continue reading

Playing Playdough Eggs

After four weeks of successfully avoiding every cold, flu and vomit that Miss Mimi had contracted, my little germ factory has finally passed on her sore throat and an impressive cough to match. I have been forced to slow down somewhat and as it is raining today we are rather grateful to be inside. As … Continue reading

We Play: Bubbles

It was simply just meant to be, Miss Mimi playing bubbles today. She had asked me this morning if she could play bubbles but we seemed to have run out. Yes, I could have made some homemade bubble liquid fun but I was in work mode and she was due at kinder. I promised her … Continue reading

I’m Like a Child…Again

My mother is constantly telling me to leave Miss Mimi’s new books and toys alone “You get more excited than her. Share!” she says. It’s true. I love to gloss over the story quickly when she gets a new picture book and I like to check out how new games and toys work before I … Continue reading