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Pop that corn!

I had forgotten how great popping corn is. When Miss Mimi begged me for popcorn last week, I told her that she could only have it if she helped me to make it. Didn’t exactly have to twist her arm but the lesson was to pitch in. We like popcorn around here because it’s free … Continue reading

We Play: Bubbles

It was simply just meant to be, Miss Mimi playing bubbles today. She had asked me this morning if she could play bubbles but we seemed to have run out. Yes, I could have made some homemade bubble liquid fun but I was in work mode and she was due at kinder. I promised her … Continue reading

Easter with allergies.

Aah, Easter. The resurrection of the man himself. A giant fuzzy Easter Bunny who hides chocolate goodies. The making of easter crafts, baskets and egg painting. And a mothers pure panic that her daughter may eat chocolate with cows milk or nuts lurking deliciously inside. My daughter is allergic to cashew nut and cows milk … Continue reading