Pouring Fun.

A new favourite activity emerged a few months ago after visiting Cafe Doppio with Miss Mimi and drinking tea and eating cake. While I got to reading gossip mags, Miss Mimi got to pouring water from our glasses into my empty teapot, back into my empty milk jug and in an out of other cups. … Continue reading

A Jingle Bell Box.

This week I worked like a woman possessed. Mums, Aunties and Grans are going nuts for books and games for the little people in their lives as it’s fast approaching Christmas. Kill two birds with one stone I say, and buy games that will not only build on your child’s automatic memory recall skills but … Continue reading

A Christmas Gift to You, from You!

Oohh, what is in my wrapped gift above? What could be inside? Imagine this…. Imagine you were able to simply just not worry about how you will be paying for your children’s Christmas gifts this year. Imagine being able to pay for a holiday for your family in the new year, choosing the destination, surprising … Continue reading

Learning to write the alphabet; Miss Mimi’s way.

Sometimes, I need 5 minutes to think. Quiet thinking time, that doesn’t involve the constant background chatter or the repetitive Mum, Mum, Mum, Mums that fill my home, it would be nice. Occasionally I need those precious few minutes to regroup, because when I can’t think straight while cooking dinner, my wine glass seems to … Continue reading

Dinosaur Footprints

Around here, we love dinosaurs. Yesterday we thought we might make some dinosaur footprints, an idea we found in a Pocket Painter book exclusive to our Learning Ladder catalogue and one of Miss Mimi’s most treasured possessions. First I, (no laughing please) drew what I thought resembled acceptable looking dino footprints. Then Miss Mimi finger painted … Continue reading

A Glittery Wand!

I love it when Miss Mimi comes up with a craft or play idea by herself. I might say that it excites me that she is fast becoming an independent learner, but really I just love it when there’s one less thing I need to think about during the day! We bought some plain cardboard … Continue reading

Peppermint Essential Oil in our Play-dough.

This week, after almost gagging on that awful smell of home made play-dough (is it just me?) I added some peppermint essential oil to it. Just 3 drops. Divine! We have been playing with this batch everyday this week and loving the smell. So much so that Miss Mimi’s play has revolved around cooking themes … Continue reading