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Craft for Gran!

To say that Miss Mimi has developed an obsession with a certain DK book, about how to plan your own party, might just be a bit of an understatement. Mim has excitedly been waiting for the 18th of January, for Gran’s birthday. Even counting down the sleeps! This particular book has been a hot favourite … Continue reading

A Jingle Bell Box.

This week I worked like a woman possessed. Mums, Aunties and Grans are going nuts for books and games for the little people in their lives as it’s fast approaching Christmas. Kill two birds with one stone I say, and buy games that will not only build on your child’s automatic memory recall skills but … Continue reading

A Glittery Wand!

I love it when Miss Mimi comes up with a craft or play idea by herself. I might say that it excites me that she is fast becoming an independent learner, but really I just love it when there’s one less thing I need to think about during the day! We bought some plain cardboard … Continue reading

A Bird’s Nest.

Mister Maker really is so cool. Another little project Miss Mimi and I have been working on is a homemade bird’s nest…or perhaps it’s a bit of a trinket bowl? Whatever it is, it’s cute and it’s easy to do. Mix some glue and paint together in separate bowls. Create different colours together by mixing … Continue reading

Pet Boxes.

I love cheap warehouse shops that stock everything from near-the-use-by-date food (although I’m afraid I don’t do that section well, I’m scared of things like that) to fake spiders to staplers. We have a few of these giant cheap shops near us and sometimes Miss Mimi and I wander around picking up pom poms, pipe … Continue reading