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Prelude to the teen years.

I think that it might be worth reminding myself this for when Miss Mimi turns into one of those crazy hormonal teens with a penchant for weird fashion and loud music and then teams it all up with a killer attitude: “Telling your daughter not to do something, never got you the results you were after … Continue reading

Honey Joy(ous) fun

This week I gave Miss Mimi some very easy (barely messy) cooking chores in my attempt to keep the ball rolling with her helping me out in the kitchen. Her tiny little hands went about pouring, measuring and mixing. Check out what we made. Honey Joys! I haven’t had these in the longest time and … Continue reading

A fabulous find!

Willson, from Married for Life (in Melbourne West) has had me jumping for joy this morning after sharing an awesome blog find: Little Eats! It’s a blog dedicated to reviewing child friendly cafes and restaurants in the Melbourne area. It’s so exciting to me because, once upon a time, The Daddy and I were always out and … Continue reading

The Importance of Reading Aloud

I know a tiny bit about early childhood development from my dear friend Miss L, who is a kindergarten teacher and the mother of two amazing little girls. Before I had my daughter, Miss L would tell me all sorts of funny little things her daughter was up to developmentally. My brain was always quick … Continue reading

Mission Statement

I feel that I have finally come up with a mission statement that encompasses everything I believe in for the success of my business and which also explains my passion for all parents to read-aloud to our children from the very first day they are born.. So, as an Independent Learning Ladder Advisor, this is … Continue reading

Tired Much?

I am so exhausted. Between the busiest week ever with my business, trying to qualify as Sales Leader and Jaime having bronchitis meaning there has been no sleep in the last week and a half, I am spent. I am forced to soldier on with my eyes half closed and my brain barely able to … Continue reading