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Marshmallow Problem Solving

I love our new Mini Scientist books (by Lisa Burke) that are new to The Learning Ladder catalogue. I like doing experiments at home and showing Miss Mimi a little bit of science here and there. So when I saw a giant bag of marshmallows on sale yesterday, I grabbed them and a pack of … Continue reading

Coins in Play.

The other day Miss Mimi asked me if I could get more of her bracelets out and if she could have all of mine too. She then set about putting them on display and asked me if I wanted to buy anything. I smiled and asked how much did she sell her wares for? Four … Continue reading

Colour her happy!

I like mixing colours. I like the fact that I can make whatever colour I dare. Maybe I fell in love with playing around with colour in hairdressing school. Maybe I had some leftover love of it from when I was a kid and we were encouraged to experiment with mixing. It probably doesn’t matter … Continue reading