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Dear Mimi…

This blog is for you. For you to have a record of things you got up to in your younger years. I thought I would write you a letter of all your milestones and things you love, because I don’t want to forget and I know you will ask me one day…. Dearest Miss Mimi, … Continue reading

A wedding with a child in tow.

7:45am: We woke this morning bursting with excitement. Today was finally the day we had been talking about for months, Paul and Lucy’s wedding. Mimi was busting to see Lucy’s “fairy wetting dress” as she calls it and The Daddy and I were very excited to see our dear friend Paul finally marry his blushing … Continue reading

What would you have said?

My dear friend┬áPrecocious Lotus has started a new blog all about the pregnancy journey, she has two blogs and the pregnancy journey can be found at Answers are Within. I recommend you take a peek at both, they are refreshing and real. If you have lost your connection with your intuition and need to find … Continue reading

I Love You! About 2 Minutes Worth

For a few nights in a row this week, Miss Mimi has fallen asleep in our bed and then an hour or so later The Daddy carries her lovingly down the stairs to her bed where she sleeps for the rest of the night. Miss Mimi is asleep next to me right now and although … Continue reading

What can music teach your child?

There is much to be said on how children who are exposed to all kinds of music are being helped to develop their listening and language skills. It is said that toddlers all over the world who are shakin’ it up on the home dance floor are blissfully unaware that they are developing their coordination … Continue reading