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A New Phase

So Miss Mimi started 4 Year old Kinder last week. We thought we should do a repeat of 3 Year old this year though as she struggled so much last year, but turns out that her class mates of last year’s class finally rubbed some of their confident social skills off on her by late … Continue reading

Like bubbles?

I have been a stay at home mum for over three and a half years now. Sometimes it can feel like pure, laid back, easy bliss. Other times, it’s a constant battle of wills and a never ending search for fun stuff to do. Though the challenges I face with Miss Mimi are frustrating sometimes, … Continue reading

A Finger Puppet on a Saturday morning.

Almost overnight it seems, my daughter has become craft mad! She is using scissors for longer periods of time and glueing and sticking and I am sure I have her newfound favourite show to thank for it: Mister Maker from the BBC. I certainly do like a craft project with minimal steps and a short … Continue reading

Water Play

When you have an army of friends that are constantly being shoved in and out of baskets, dragged along into different rooms and that are involved in your role playing all day long, it’s only fitting that they be allowed to chill out and be pampered once in a while too. This afternoon I set … Continue reading

One of those days

I don’t like to admit this, but on some days, parenting can be so hard that there are a dozen or so other things that I wish I could be doing to lose my sanity. I could just join the circus and my fear of clowns would do me in…it would certainly be a whole … Continue reading