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There are so many corny lines about friendship. I have heard friendship described as a plant of slow growth, that must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation. How when divided with friends, adversity is halved. How you can tell the nature of a person just by looking … Continue reading

Peppermint Essential Oil in our Play-dough.

This week, after almost gagging on that awful smell of home made play-dough (is it just me?) I added some peppermint essential oil to it. Just 3 drops. Divine! We have been playing with this batch everyday this week and loving the smell. So much so that Miss Mimi’s play has revolved around cooking themes … Continue reading

On a sunny day, we play.

On a beautiful sunny Melbourne day, with a warm driveway just waiting to be painted on with water, Miss Mimi and I set about discovering what patterns we could make with drops of water. All we needed were some tools. And our imaginations… A cool lesson in evaporation! Some footprints. Some spillage. Some splatters… And … Continue reading

Dear Mimi…

This blog is for you. For you to have a record of things you got up to in your younger years. I thought I would write you a letter of all your milestones and things you love, because I don’t want to forget and I know you will ask me one day…. Dearest Miss Mimi, … Continue reading

Soothing Water Play

I don’t know a great deal about the Signs of the Zodiac but I know enough for this scenario to make me giggle. My Little Miss Aquarius – The Water Bearer… Water activities are our favourite. So soothing and calming. I’m a Pisces Girl…I do anything water related to calm my nerves. A shower, looking … Continue reading

What a kid wants.

Our┬ákids don’t seem to care if we holiday in Noosa or the local back beach or if we drive an Audi or a beaten up old bomb. I’m pretty sure that our young kids don’t even care what we cook them for dinner as long as it has soy sauce on it (in my case). … Continue reading

Homemade Pizza Fun!

One day this week a group of cousins came together with their children to enjoy each other’s company and do lunch. It’s an event that only happens every few months because of the distance we all need to travel. What a noisy but utterly lovely afternoon. The kids played, the adults sipped wine. And what … Continue reading

A wedding with a child in tow.

7:45am: We woke this morning bursting with excitement. Today was finally the day we had been talking about for months, Paul and Lucy’s wedding. Mimi was busting to see Lucy’s “fairy wetting dress” as she calls it and The Daddy and I were very excited to see our dear friend Paul finally marry his blushing … Continue reading

Need some Hired Help?

I clean when I have to. I don’t particularly care if my house is messy (which makes my husband crazy and twitchy). All I care about is that it’s free from filth and that I don’t neck myself by falling over something. I do love my steam mop however and when I use a few … Continue reading