The Dawning of Your Name: A Letter to Miss Mimi.

Dear Mimi,

When I was 19 weeks pregnant, I found out that we were to be blessed with a little girl -You! Your Daddy and I had already picked a name should you be a girl, we chose Jaime Yve. We love your name. You didn’t seem to. From the day you started to speak you pronounced your name as Mimi. Everyone thought it was so sweet and your nickname stuck. Even now when you allow me to call you Jaime and no longer scream at me for doing so, I still yell “Mim!” when you’re in trouble. I can’t help it, you’re stuck with it, it’s a part of who you are.

Before you were born your Daddy and your Gran and I nicknamed you Jai. I loved calling you Jai, it was like a secret name between us, like I already knew you. I certainly already loved you, but I didn’t have a clue that when you were born, you would already be well equipped with all your little quirks and wonderfulness. I thought you would eventually grow into you, but you arrived here every bit of who you are now. Not just a Jai, not just a Jaime, but someone much, much more.

As time goes by, your personality gets stronger and more interesting and I know that you will grow to be one amazing woman. You are so passionate and show empathy beyond your years. You’re demanding and rewarding. You’re determined and funny. You were stubborn from day 1 and you love with everything you have. Whenever I think I know which way you’re heading or what you are thinking, you swing in a totally new direction, surprising me, astounding me at the strong individual you are. It’s so amazing to me that you were born with your little spirit already so sure of itself.

Though I knew I would give birth to a daughter, a Jaime Yve, you arrived in my arms Miss Mimi and took my hand and lead me on a journey that I never could have anticipated. Thank you for choosing me as you mother, I hope I do you proud.


Mum xo


5 thoughts on “The Dawning of Your Name: A Letter to Miss Mimi.

  1. Awhhh, you made me cry babe, what a beautiful letter. I’m sure Mimi is very proud that you are her mum. If she is everything you say she is, she must have picked up all those traits from somewhere………I wonder who her inspiration might be????

  2. Oh Jade, that is such a beautiful letter. I’m sure Miss Mimi will love reading it over and over in years to come.

    • I hope so Katrina, though I am sure there will be a “My Mum is such a dork” phase…need a plan to counteract that!

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