A Christmas Gift to You, from You!

Oohh, what is in my wrapped gift above? What could be inside?

Imagine this….

Imagine you were able to simply just not worry about how you will be paying for your children’s Christmas gifts this year. Imagine being able to pay for a holiday for your family in the new year, choosing the destination, surprising your children and partner when you announce where you are going and that you paid for it yourself. Imagine being able to have an evening or afternoon working independently with amazing mothers, a quiet break from the kids. Imagine free training and support and incentives, incentives! Imagine travelling overseas every year for free. Imagine Tiffany jewellery, pearls and free books and games for your children’s home learning library.

But most importantly, imagine giving Australian children the chance to develop to their full potential. Imagine showing parents educational books and games that will ignite a passion for learning within their children.

For all of you who are loving the paid work you do, I know you will nod in agreement when I say that you probably wish you could share the same kind of working joy with your friends who aren’t happy with their work or need extra income every week to make life easier. This is what I offer today.  A chance to start you very own business, Miss Independent! With such a tiny start up cost of $149 – you get your business plus loads of books and games and stationary!

A chance to make something amazing happen in your life. I will help you every step of the way, anywhere in Australia.

If you would like one of these gifts for Christmas, contact me for more info.


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