Learning to write the alphabet; Miss Mimi’s way.

Sometimes, I need 5 minutes to think. Quiet thinking time, that doesn’t involve the constant background chatter or the repetitive Mum, Mum, Mum, Mums that fill my home, it would be nice. Occasionally I need those precious few minutes to regroup, because when I can’t think straight while cooking dinner, my wine glass seems to refill itself much more quickly.

Before I started to take on a complicated recipe recently, Miss Mimi was running around in circles at my feet singing her abc’s, I had to find a way to grab my 5 minutes of quiet. It was then that an idea hit me. Rare as hen’s teeth I know, usually I just steal other people’s.

I grabbed a piece of cardboard and with black permanent marker wrote out the alphabet in as close to what I know the font will be taught in school and I threw a piece of baking paper over the top. I said “There you go Mim, you can trace you abc’s at the same time you sing them.” “Ooohhh” was her intrigued response.

For those of you who sometimes read here, you will know that I am not into ‘teaching’ Miss Mimi in a formal way, she just doesn’t respond to it, but interestingly Miss Mimi was able to read each letter on the cardboard, by referring back to the alphabet song that she is obsessed with. I was pleased to see that everything we have been playing and singing recently, is all starting to tie into learning those next big literacy steps. And always a fan of being able to cook solo in the kitchen, this was certainly a great activity for keeping some sticky little hands occupied.

Have your children surprised you recently by what they take in and store in their memory banks? Thanks for reading and I love hearing from you!


5 thoughts on “Learning to write the alphabet; Miss Mimi’s way.

  1. Great idea, very similar to what we do in prep!!! And your ‘Victorian Cursive Script’ (the font taught at Primary School) almost spot on!!! Well done to both of you!!!!

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