Dinosaur Footprints

Around here, we love dinosaurs. Yesterday we thought we might make some dinosaur footprints, an idea we found in a Pocket Painter book exclusive to our Learning Ladder catalogue and one of Miss Mimi’s most treasured possessions.

First I, (no laughing please) drew what I thought resembled acceptable looking dino footprints. Then Miss Mimi finger painted them all with different colours and patterns.

After the paint dried we cut them out.

And popped them down on the floor.

We wondered if a small dinosaur had left these footprints.

And decided that a HUMUNGOUS dinosaur must have left these ones below.

After much hopping and redirecting of trails. Miss Mimi’s decided that her toys might like to use them as islands.

Have a great day of play and if you get a chance, check out what other fab mums are up to over at Childhood 101, where we play ‘Link Up’


6 thoughts on “Dinosaur Footprints

  1. I love this idea. Especially that you had her help in creating the footprints. We went to a PAT playgroup where they had the kids walk on bear footprints. My little guy loved it but I think he would REALLY love getting to make the footprints.

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