Peppermint Essential Oil in our Play-dough.

This week, after almost gagging on that awful smell of home made play-dough (is it just me?) I added some peppermint essential oil to it. Just 3 drops. Divine! We have been playing with this batch everyday this week and loving the smell. So much so that Miss Mimi’s play has revolved around cooking themes when playing with it. I also let her drop a few drops of red food colouring over the green colour base and we are feeling very multicoloured and Christmas-like!

For some awesome play ideas, head over to Childhood101 for some linky love:


3 thoughts on “Peppermint Essential Oil in our Play-dough.

  1. And, I bet she is very calm in her play also 🙂

    I’ve only made playdough once, but as I was told this week by Princess it is “poison” I am not sure I will make it again LOL!

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