This is what I want and this is how I’ll get it: Financial Freedom.

When Miss Mimi was 6 months old, I went to a party at a dear friend’s home and browsed a display of educational books and games for our kids. I barely listened to what the woman said and I’m sure I was so sleep deprived that I bought way too many touch and feel books just so that I would have something different to read to Miss Mimi on all those disastrous, I-will-get- you-to-sleep-this-time!, routines. If someone had said to me then, “In 3 years time you will be earning over $1,000 a month doing this part-time.” I would have politely smiled and mumbled “Suuuure.”

When the world’s economy crashed, my world crashed too. My husband and I already had a business and that took a beating. Everyone closed their wallets and protected what little cash they had left. We were all in the same boat and K Rudd’s hand outs didn’t last long.

So as I cried at that the thought of putting Mimi into care at 2 and a half years of age with her severe asthma and allergies, just to go back to work, I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t see another way to help contribute to my family financially. All I could come up with was going back to working full time at the family business which meant putting her into full time care. It didn’t even make sense to me, childcare costs would eat away most of my wage anyway and I wanted to raise Mimi myself, I enjoyed our life together just as it was. The thought left me panicked and I felt sick and hopeless, I just had to find another way to make money, but what?

I was sitting at the kitchen table one afternoon drinking tea, when all at once I remembered: Direct Selling! Party Plan! Network Marketing! Whatever you want to call it, my Mum had done it, on and off, for most of my childhood years. She worked around her family and seemed to enjoy it and she was always there for us for school drop offs, marching training and theatre rehearsals. Why hadn’t I thought of this sooner? I set about trying to find the right company, the right fit, for me. What was I passionate about?

My child. Her education.

The answer was staring me in the face for over two years – every time I read one of those touch and feel books I had bought for Mim! It was just a matter of time before I made the connection.

I started my small business with so much enthusiasm and such a small outlay, which, when I thought of other businesses and the capital needed to be invested, I was shocked to find that I could start a small, part-time business from my home, with all the things I needed to help get me going, for under three hundred dollars! And if all else failed, well, at least I would have the most amazing home learning library for Mimi…at next to nothing! My friends helped me to get started, having parties and sharing my passion. The company invested in me through that small start up cost and they helped me with training and I hungrily ate up the inspiration I was getting from my Leader and colleagues.

14 months into my business venture, with so many wonderful experiences and many mistakes made along the way, I had a new challenge. Since reaching my goal of becoming a Leader and with women in my team who I adore and genuinely love helping with their goals, I had to ask myself, “What are your longterm goals?” Would it be okay to plod along, making an extra grand a month or was it time to step up, put on my business goggles and really make this happen for myself?

Network Marketing has seen many very successful women become the major breadwinners for their households. There are millionaires out there with scores of team members, helping each of them to make a difference in their own lives. It absolutely is possible to turn a Direct Selling hobby into a profitable business. It’s a mum’s dream! I just needed to tell myself that I could. The discipline and the training were already in place.

When I heard from a well respected Party Plan trainer that only 5% of people will apply what the they have learned to achieve their goals, I was surprised but I understood why. Children get sick, husbands go away on business, you run out of time to invest in your business, life just happens. But then a strong and undeniable thing happened to me. I decided that I would become one of those 5% of people making it happen. And I would offer the same opportunity to people I met along the way who might be in a situation like me. Maybe they struggle financially and they long to be independent. They might want the best private schools for their children, or to travel to places they have never been, taking their children along with them to explore the world. Maybe they need just one new thing, something to help make that difference – a reliable car, a deposit for a house, perhaps a plethora of new Jimmy Choo shoes?

Whatever it is and whatever you do in life, I believe that it takes a strong woman to look the world in the eye and say just what it is that she wants. I’m tired of waiting for things to just happen, because essentially, waiting is just doing nothing. I will wait no more. The time has come for me take this thing by the reigns and steer it in the direction I want and need….

So, Financial Freedom, here I come!

Start Your Own Journey.


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