Look and Say Cards; The Homemade Version.

Last week I had a ridiculous amount of cardboard boxes hanging around my house and I thought I had best put some of it to good use. Inspired by an idea I saw over at Caz’s super cool A Little Learning for Two (if you want some really fab ideas for you to do with your little ones, do check it out) The Daddy and I set about making Miss Mimi a few look and say cards or ‘paddocks’ as they are called here.

As The Daddy can draw better than me (I wont embarrass myself in front of you all by even attempting to try, as funny as it might be for you), we had him sketching her favourite figurines on a cardboard space for them to congregate. As Mimi already enjoys grouping together her little toys, I liked the idea of having her see their matching words while she did so. I don’t really talk about it or sound anything out – they are just there for her to start to recognise the word by the picture.

This game was brought to Gran’s house last week by Miss Mimi so that they could play a little matching and sorting together. Super cute!


2 thoughts on “Look and Say Cards; The Homemade Version.

  1. Love this. I love that you provide her the opportunity to learn the words but you aren’t explicitly teaching it to her. Bet she’ll be reading them before you know it, though!

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