Dear Mimi…

This blog is for you. For you to have a record of things you got up to in your younger years. I thought I would write you a letter of all your milestones and things you love, because I don’t want to forget and I know you will ask me one day….

Dearest Miss Mimi,

As I write this you are 3 years and 8 months old. You are sleeping next to me on the couch and you’re not feeling too well.

Your first word was ‘more’. You still say that word a lot now. You sat up by yourself at 6 months and you crawled by yourself when you were 9 months old – on Melbourne Cup day. You slept through the night a maximum of 4 nights in total in the first 11 months of life, failing sleep school and driving me mad. You only started sleeping through when your Daddy took over with some controlled comforting, but you still liked to fall asleep with me sitting on the floor till you were…oh who are we kidding…I still sit in the rocking chair so you can see me while you fall asleep. I don’t mind. Your first tooth appeared at 9 months, you barely had any hair for 18 months and you were breastfed till 26 months – we called you my little “Boobie Monster” you would ask to be fed by saying “Boo Boo!!!!!” I think you were around 1 when you started to walk…don’t forget that I had been sleep deprived for so long – it’s a miracle I remember anything!

You made your Daddy and I laugh so hard when you started to speak and we would encourage you to say things like “G’day mate” because you sounded so hilarious. We still often stare at you while you are sleeping and giggle at you because you snore. You love puppies and dinosaurs and right now your favourite colour is “Pink..oh and purple..and white and green and red…oh yeah and yellow too” You love craft and playing vets and you often crawl around on all fours and bark like a dog and you wont speak to us unless we address you as “Puppy”.

This year you started 3 year old kinder and you love it now – it only took you 9 months to learn to love it. Your teachers names are Wendy and Sylvia and you think they are just awesome.

Gran has two dogs called Maggie and Jo Jo who you adore and when we sleep over at Gran’s, Maggie always sleeps with you and if you are sick she practically sleeps on top of you, she loves you so much. In fact you have a lot of love around you, Gran and Pa, Ye Ye and Mah Mah, Souk Souk and Aunty Arnie and Uncle Tim and Cody, Dylan and Broc – they are your favourite people right now and Dad and I, of course!

You have the most wonderful sense of humour and you are fun to be around. You love the Zoo and you would live at a park if you could. You scoot so fast on your scooter that you make my heart jump, you don’t seem to have much of a fear of extreme adventures and that frightens me at times. Your favourite song right now is the ABC song and my head may just implode if I hear it one more time. Your favourite authors are Mem Fox and Dr Seuss and if you don’t know who wrote a particular book you are showing off you just say Mem Fox wrote it! Your favourite character right now is Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.

And I love you so much and though I wish you could stay this little forever, I am excited to see what kind of amazing woman you will grow to be.

Love, Mum xox

To be continued….


3 thoughts on “Dear Mimi…

  1. Beautiful. I wish I had the time to write this. You have inspired me though. I started a “funnies” of xavs behaviour when he was 6months. I shall go find xx

  2. Beautiful Jade…brought tears to my eyes. Miss Mimi is a lucky girl to have such a loving mum

  3. OMG Jade, im just discovering this webite of your and your little blog to Jaime is sooo beautiful, brought tears to my eyes and that warm fuzzy feeling!!! it made me wnt to start one for my boys!!

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