The Simple Things in Life!

I am constantly inspired by Miss Mimi. The way that everything is fascinating to her, even if she has seen it before – makes me slow down. She looks at things with those wide brown eyes and smiles to form those perfect dimples and she savours every single second of life.

A classic case of this today was when we put her teddies in the wash. She pulled up a seat at this show and talked to them almost the entire way through, saying “Are you alright in there Ted? Good boy!”

Dinner and a show anyone?

If you need some great play ideas today – unlike this one here – stop by Childhood 101 and check out the “We Play” link up.


4 thoughts on “The Simple Things in Life!

  1. Don’t you think the simple thing in life like this makes our life more meaningful and surely something that you don’t want to miss out on. šŸ˜€

  2. Hehehe! As long as she doesn’t think they had too much fun and wants to get in there herself! Must admit, I spent about 5 minutes watching a pot on the stove come to boil this afternoon …

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