Learning to spell your name, the fun way!

Sometimes, people assume that because I have all these wonderful educational books and games on my shelves that I spend a lot of time with Miss Mimi ‘teaching’ her early numeracy and literacy skills. I don’t. I don’t drill her, I don’t use flash cards – simply because Mimi doesn’t learn that way. All kids are different but I think that a lifelong passion for learning is something that is found only by learning through play. Learning by having fun. So I pull educational toys and games out when Mimi shows an interest in any particular topic. I am very lucky that our shelves have so many tools I can use at a minutes notice and the library is our best friend when we need more help.

Right now, Miss Mimi (whose actual name is Jaime, as you’ll see below, it’s a long story) is showing great interest in calculations and her name. She spends a lot of time using her fingers as an abacus saying things like “5 take away 1 is…1,2,3, 4!” and she asks what letters are in her name and how you might spell it. It’s then that I look for fun ways to encourage her interest. The below activity I saw somewhere in Blog Land  (I can’t for the life of me find where I saw this to give you the link, sorry!) it was on another Mum’s blog, she had set up this same activity but in water and her children fished out the letters with a net – fun! We were just playing around with this inside.

Bottle tops, a permanent marker and a piece of cardboard. A seriously easy game that helps to form one of  the most basic early literacy skills – an understanding that letters put together will form words.

Right now though, Mimi has these bottle tops rolling around the floorboards having a race…off to play now, have a fun day!


5 thoughts on “Learning to spell your name, the fun way!

  1. We too have done this activity, like you said after reading it somewhere out there in blog land! I too have no idea where though! Miss M loved it (we did it in water with a slotted spoon!) Thanks for the reminder, we should play it again soon!

  2. I agree. My son learns best thorough play. Although, luckily, he is very interested in educational games and puzzles. I love this idea. Just think, she is not only learning the concept of her name but left to right directionality, concept of a word, etc. And she doesn’t even have to know she’s learning!

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