Soothing Water Play

I don’t know a great deal about the Signs of the Zodiac but I know enough for this scenario to make me giggle. My Little Miss Aquarius – The Water Bearer…

Water activities are our favourite. So soothing and calming. I’m a Pisces Girl…I do anything water related to calm my nerves. A shower, looking at the ocean, running my fingers through water…it all feels wonderful. And just like me (though she isn’t a water sign) when Miss Mimi really starts to struggle with her day, when things are just not going well at all, the only thing that helps is to plonk her in a warm bath filled with beautiful smelling essential oils and then she regroups. I’m guessing that this is a popular method of calming and a well received distraction for many highly emotional kids out there.

Today I was mesmerised by watching Miss Mimi pour water through the water wheel. In the warm breeze with a cup of tea, my goal was five minutes of downtime.

Her goal however, was to make that wheel spin as fast as she possibly could!

Relaxation for me. Cause and effect for her. Win win.


4 thoughts on “Soothing Water Play

  1. I think we need t introduce a bit more water play around here, and definitely try some essential oils at bath time. We could all do with some soothing and calming.

    • Hi Christie! Thanks for your comment. I use a couple of drops each of peppermint and orange if we still have to get through more of the day, it helps to neutralise her moods and perk her up a bit and just lavender if it’s before bed.

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