Why I have given my daughter her own learning space.

This learning library is in Miss Mimi’s room. I started it properly 12 months ago when I started my business. It is her space to explore and use. Eventually it will be a bigger reference library where she will learn and discover on her own. Up until now, we have pulled those books down and read them together, huddled close. I have always wanted her to feel confident that the tools on her shelf are all for her and that she is free to touch, which is why when I found her ‘reading’ a book in her learning space, I was ever so happy!

From the time that Miss Mimi’s eyes could could focus, she has had beautiful books put in front of them. She has always had a low shelf or two that she could reach her few board books and toys but now after a year of working, her shelves have exploded!

Often I am asked do I let Miss Mimi play with my Learning Ladder books and games? Of course! Aren’t you frightened that they will be worn and used? Never! That’s the whole point. I have this job for her. To expand her home learning library and I am very proud of what I have achieved for her.


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