A Bird’s Nest.

Mister Maker really is so cool.

Another little project Miss Mimi and I have been working on is a homemade bird’s nest…or perhaps it’s a bit of a trinket bowl? Whatever it is, it’s cute and it’s easy to do.

Mix some glue and paint together in separate bowls. Create different colours together by mixing and experimenting.

Cut up a whole heap of wool or cotton into pieces and divide them between that painty gluey stuff you’ve just made and pick a bowl and turn it upside down….

Place the sticky wool over the top like spaghetti and let it dry out in the sun. Peel it off when it’s done. Oh so easy and messy and fun.

Yeah alright, I’m not Mister Maker and our big nest didn’t look great but this little one is quite sweet and Miss Mimi is planning on having her rooster figurine (or Dr Doodle Dooooo! as she calls him) sleep in here tonight with a tiny blanket. Cute!


5 thoughts on “A Bird’s Nest.

  1. Miss Maker (as my daughter likes to call herself) hasn’t been watching Mr Maker as much recently, she has been too busy coming up with her own crafts to make. I think she will love this one though and we might just have to do it tomorrow 🙂

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