Homemade Pizza Fun!

One day this week a group of cousins came together with their children to enjoy each other’s company and do lunch. It’s an event that only happens every few months because of the distance we all need to travel. What a noisy but utterly lovely afternoon. The kids played, the adults sipped wine. And what better way to involve the children in something unique but to have them make their own lunch! With allergies all round and vegetarians and meat eaters thrown into the mix, our hostess would have been forgiven had she been wondering what to make us all, but Aunty Ruth had a plan!

We started out with her specially prepared pizza dough bases. Then the kids painted on their tomato paste and they were free to decide which veggies and meats to decorate their pizzas with. This was so much fun for us all. It was interesting to see each child’s artistic preference. They dressed those pizzas to impress! Us adults just went for taste, we certainly didn’t use our ingredients as sparingly as our children.

Olives, capers, corn, onions, capsicum, asparagus, tomato, ham or chicken and cheese and zucchini…it was all there for the taking.

And so while they waited for their artwork to cook, they went back to doing what they do best: running around in circles and playing dress ups…

Lunch was served and the day was thoroughly enjoyed by little people who don’t get to catch up all that often.

I love days like these. Thanks Ruth and Glenn xo


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