A wedding with a child in tow.

7:45am: We woke this morning bursting with excitement. Today was finally the day we had been talking about for months, Paul and Lucy’s wedding. Mimi was busting to see Lucy’s “fairy wetting dress” as she calls it and The Daddy and I were very excited to see our dear friend Paul finally marry his blushing bride.

9:05am: Rushing to a shop to buy myself some funky patterned stockings to wear with the dress I had borrowed and the shoes that weren’t mine, I blew back into the house in panic mode shouting to my undressed family that we had only 20 minutes to get ready and leave. Cue the frantic family.

10:30am: Flying into the car park and running with our 3 year old, we skidded into the sideline crowd just as the beautiful Miss Lucy made her way down the isle.

12:00pm: The wedding was fun and beautiful and yes I shed a tear as usual.

12:01pm: My daughter was moody and overwhelmed and would barely look at her grandmother. In all the racing around to get there on time I had forgotten her snacks and her toys: I am an idiot. Here I was thinking that this first time experience would be enough to carry her through, snack free and distraction free. I stupidly hoped boredom wouldn’t be possible. Not so. We worked hard to keep her upbeat. In between tantrums about wanting to pluck the cupcakes right off the wedding cake for her “sweet things” and wanting to go pee four hundred times, I must remember that she did experience many firsts.

2:00pm: The Daddy and his daughter danced on a dance floor for the first time and I cried when she couldn’t take her eyes off of him. She giggled at her grandfather making faces at her and she and I danced cheek to cheek for what seemed like an eternity. She saw Lucy’s wedding dress and with wide eyes, breathed “Oh it’s sooo long.” She drank orange juice by the jug full and she ate 5 of those bloody cupcakes from the wedding cake. My little girl fell asleep 2 minutes into the car ride home with chocolate stains on her pretty white dress and her new hair clips falling from her hair.

It’s what I choose to remember from today that matters, I can compartmentalise her behaviour. I am proud that she did so well for a little girl in a grown up world.

Thank-you for being you Miss Mimi, with all your stubbornness and dimples, I love you more than anything.


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