Need some Hired Help?

I clean when I have to. I don’t particularly care if my house is messy (which makes my husband crazy and twitchy). All I care about is that it’s free from filth and that I don’t neck myself by falling over something.

I do love my steam mop however and when I use a few drops of essential oils with it, my house smells divine. But I need some help to dry the floors afterward, which is where my little person comes in handy. I just have Miss Mimi ‘ski’ around the room with old face washers on her feet and the floor is dry in no time! And she thinks it’s hilarious. Bonus.

I am yet to give Mimi chores that are all her responsibility, I just love the fact that right now she likes to help do any old chore and thinks it’s great to be included. I’m sure that won’t last long.

Oh and the windows needed some attention too.

She works for free around here but can be hired out to you for a small fee.


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