What would you have said?

My dear friend Precocious Lotus has started a new blog all about the pregnancy journey, she has two blogs and the pregnancy journey can be found at Answers are Within. I recommend you take a peek at both, they are refreshing and real. If you have lost your connection with your intuition and need to find your compass, she has a way of helping you to see your way back. I wanted to say thank-you, Precocious Lotus, for posting the below clip you found through Nummies, you never fail to send me an uplifting message that I need to see or hear when I am in a difficult space.

I love this clip and I ask myself what would I have said to the new mother in me, preparing to start the motherhood journey way back when?

I think I would have truthfully said “Don’t rush motherhood. Don’t wish parts of it away and hurry it along. Accept every bit of it, from the amazingly good to the bad to the very, very ugly. Because it will get ugly.”


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