In your home, does The Daddy encourage your children along, or push? (ever so slightly, of course)

I work at our cafe on Saturdays because I need some form of exercise afterall and when I am there, The Daddy and Miss Mimi spend the day together. Sometimes they stay in and play puppets (all day long, much to The Daddy’s dismay) and sometimes they mosey on off together to a museum or a park.

Today, The Daddy took Miss Mimi to a local golf course that has a putting green right next to a cafe. Now, maybe I should start from the beginning here so you get a full understanding of where I am going with this. When I was a little girl my mother used to call herself a “Golfer’s Widow” meaning that my Dad was never at home and was at the golf course or the driving range every chance he got. Sometimes my sister and I went with him and caddied and we were sent to golf camps (my chipping and putting were critiqued and encouraged during the day and at night I learnt to smoke cigarettes and steal canoes).

When my husband and I met, he didn’t play golf, but over the years my father has enticed him over to the dark side and now I am the “Golfer’s Widow”. He now plays every chance he gets and I mean every chance. If we are being totally honest, I never really hated golf until our daughter came along, it was only then that I resented how much time out he got from the house doing it. Jealous much? You bet!

Anyway, ever since Miss Mimi was conceived, The Daddy had dreams of teaching his child to play golf. It would be ‘their thing’. When we discovered we were having a girl, he didn’t even blink, he was certain she would be the next Michelle Wei. At times I had to have the whole “We don’t want to live vicariously through our child right? We don’t want to push her do we?” chat with him. However, even though Miss Mimi is just 3 and a half, The Daddy has now bought his daughter her first real golf club. Sigh.

Today they went to test the waters with said club and here’s how they got on.

And just to remind her father that indeed she is still a kid…a somersault on the grass, if you please.


2 thoughts on “In your home, does The Daddy encourage your children along, or push? (ever so slightly, of course)

  1. Love this post! I too had a brief discussion along these lines as MrP/Daddy is a very good cricketer. Interestingly he was not particularly fazed as to Little peoples interest in same. Now what makes me second guess whether I have done the right thing is that Junior has no interest whatsoever in cricket or any other sport! I wish there was a happy medium as I would love if he was interested and as good as his dad at the sport that he loves. I suppose I maybe took it as a given that he would do what dad did and be just as good…..

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