My cousin and his wife just welcomed their 3rd child into the world. Another little girl to add to our wonderful extended family. She arrived 6 weeks early, just like my Miss Mimi did, and I have suddenly been taken back to a time to when my teeny girl was born.

This is Miss Mimi above and way back then I never even dared to imagine the happiness that she would bring us through the next 3 and a 1/2 years. At the time, I just wanted to get her home and start getting to know her. I desperately wanted to stop leaving her at the hospital every night, leaving her with strangers while my heart was being eaten alive with guilt for going home. I couldn’t stay there and she couldn’t leave. Irrational guilt? Yes. Could I overcome it’s deep pull? No.

But I was lucky. Mimi needed no help to breathe and 6 weeks early really isn’t too dire. She just needed time to grow. I have been involved with a few preemie forums and there are some amazing people out there who have had the hardest journeys within the walls of the NICU, I can’t even imagine how hard that walk is.

My heart always goes out to parents who say goodnight to their newborns at the end of a long day in SCN or NICU and I feel for my cousin who leaves her little one in the capable hands of others until she is ready to go home and join her family.

Grow quickly Little Miss L and we shall meet you soon!


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