Like bubbles?

I have been a stay at home mum for over three and a half years now. Sometimes it can feel like pure, laid back, easy bliss. Other times, it’s a constant battle of wills and a never ending search for fun stuff to do. Though the challenges I face with Miss Mimi are frustrating sometimes, things are certainly a lot easier now than they were 2 years ago.

Once upon a time, here at mi casa, Miss Mimi needed to be constantly entertained. I would sometimes joke that I had her on rotation. I would set up certain things for her to play with and different activities to try and she would shuffle from one thing to another and then do it all again. She would always cry when I left her sight and those were long days with lots of reassuring, but this circuit was where I could sit down with a cup of tea and just be. Be with her, but be still. Some of you probably know how it goes, you’re just trying to keep the peace, you may as well enjoy it while you’re there.

Tonight I was looking through old photos and thought I would share this fun activity Miss Mimi used to enjoy. Just in case you have a child who needs a little bit of entertaining from time to time.

Grab yourself a sturdy bowl and add a good lug of dishwashing liquid and a small amount of water. Search for your eggbeater (hidden way back in the pantry soemwhere) and whip up some gorgeous, peaky, bubbles.

Provide your babe with different sized bowls and cups and spoons and sieves and let them practice scooping and pouring and transferring the bubbles from here to there.

I could bang on about how this kind of play helped with Miss Mimi’s fine motor skills and independent play, but that’s obvious. Personally, I think what really matters is this; if you find yourself pulling your hair out tomorrow because your small child won’t let you drink your cup of tea before it’s gone stone cold, well at least you will have another activity to throw into that never ending circuit of entertainment that will allow a few extra (hot) sips of tea. Enjoy xo


One thought on “Like bubbles?

  1. What?? at some point they don’t have to be constantly entertained??? I have a 2 year old and a 8 month old. It seems nonstop entertainment! I’m excited to think it might not ALWAYS be like this. (Ah well, at least they nap.) Thanks for the cute idea, my kids do love the bubbles.

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