Pet Boxes.

I love cheap warehouse shops that stock everything from near-the-use-by-date food (although I’m afraid I don’t do that section well, I’m scared of things like that) to fake spiders to staplers. We have a few of these giant cheap shops near us and sometimes Miss Mimi and I wander around picking up pom poms, pipe cleaners, stencils, that kind of stuff.

I had planned to clean out my craft cupboard last week but I only got as far as finding the glitter and the cardboard mini boxes from said cheap shops and handed them over to Miss Mimi saying she could make whatever she wanted with them. Note to self; clean that craft cupboard already!

Miss Mimi spent a very long time cutting, glueing, designing and playing with these ‘Pet Boxes’ and over the next few days they became her best friends. She hid her treasures inside them and took them everywhere. She even named them. We have Bolt, Bobby and Chala-Lala. Yep, diverse.

What I liked about her naming her pet boxes though, was that when I wrote their names underneath for her and after looking at them together a few times, Miss Mimi started looking at the names herself to tell me who it was.

And I got forty minutes of uninterrupted cleaning done, which, by the way, was nowhere near the craft cupboard and only resulted in giving me a headache. I should have just sat down and watched Dr Phil.

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4 thoughts on “Pet Boxes.

  1. What a great idea you’ve got going here! There’s a guy on youtube who is using cardboard boxes to create all kinds of neat pieces of art and furniture.

  2. I will have to show these to Princess so she can make some, instead of decorating all her boxes to make “surprise boxes” for all her loved ones and stuffing them full of lollies (although it is clearing out our lolly supply!). Will have to go and et some more eyes though, as I noticed they were all missing after some “alien” pictures she made with her cousin the other day …. A very wonderful job, Miss Mimi! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. We love those warehouse type shops too ๐Ÿ™‚ I get a big collection of stuff each school holidays and my girls have a ball with them ๐Ÿ™‚

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