A Finger Puppet on a Saturday morning.

Almost overnight it seems, my daughter has become craft mad! She is using scissors for longer periods of time and glueing and sticking and I am sure I have her newfound favourite show to thank for it: Mister Maker from the BBC.

I certainly do like a craft project with minimal steps and a short list of things to use, so this morning when Mister Maker made some mice finger puppets with just a piece of paper, googly eyes, a pipe cleaner and a piece of sticky tape, my tiny (though rather ambitious) craft radar stuck up and declared “I can do that!”

We didn’t take photos through the making of it but you can check out Mister Maker’s instructions, just click on the link below. Squeak squeak!!


3 thoughts on “A Finger Puppet on a Saturday morning.

  1. Okay .. I vote we get our girls together so they can watch Mister Maker and then get their craft on. Same craze going on here (although the crafting did happen before MM, but if I am not in the house I have to tape it. I wrote about him on Monday too, in case you didn’t see it (such a busy day today I can’t remember who commented!) There is currently one dvd available, with another duew out on Thursday, or you can download the eps from ABC shop (more expensive, but their delivery time is ridiculous!)

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