A ‘Show Party’

When Miss Mimi performs, whether it be strumming on her tiny guitar, singing, doing some tumbling or having a red hot go at her ultimate favourite; dancing, she always calls it a ‘Show Party’

On cold winter evenings, it’s all a girl can do to stop herself from dancing around the lounge room. I know. I can’t keep still when The Cat Empire or The Prodigy is on either.

Start by grabbing yourself an audience.

Get your groove on!

Mix it up. Throw in a slow pirouette or five.

Don’t forget to be quite dramatic.

Rock out and enjoy!


3 thoughts on “A ‘Show Party’

  1. She should come over and put on a concert with Princess, she sells tickets and everything! Don’t ever bother trying to watch the news though, very hard with someone prancing around in front of it!

    And in the bedroom there is a guitar AND keyboard for those all important rock-outs. Actually melody and ability to sing is optional! LOL

  2. So much fun! Growing up, we (I had 2 sisters) used to perform real concerts for my parents — with programmes and everything! Looks like Mimi is on her way to this!

  3. Ooh, I can’t wait until Mimi starts doing concerts and plays and inviting me to watch…actually, with my personal dream of being an actress when I was young, I can only hope she “insists” I partake! 🙂

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